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Thank you Lord for seeing me through this wonderful year of sobriety!  Thank you for showing me the way to your narrow path of peace and off the wide path of destruction!  Your peace and love that is beyond all understanding fills my soul and guides my spirit to your amazing truth.  Jesus is Lord!  I am his willing vessel and am grateful for the salve that has been placed on my eyes so that I can truly see Him!!!

Sobriety Matters

  • 15,811,200 seconds
  • 263,520 minutes
  • 4392 hours

Yes!! 6 months sober today! Woohoo!  I love sobriety so much.  I’ve saved so much money not drinking I am going out and buying a memory foam bed today!  Yes, it is important to reward yourself for your accomplishments.  Also, now I get to start dreaming about the next reward on that comfortable bed (I’ve been sleeping on an air mattress)!  Life IS good!

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